Awesome Tricks to Stay Happy Feet on Your Wedding Day

There are plethoras of to-do things before your wedding bell rings, and in this hustle and bustle situation one thing that is quite possible to skip your attention is the right selection of wedding shoes.  A miss fitted wedding shoe can make or break your day. If your wedding shoe is downright unflattering, uncomfortable then your bridal grace will drop down within a fraction of second. You mustn’t fumble and stumble while walking down to the aisle or doing the rituals dedicatedly. So, follow the below mentioned tricks and stay happy feet on the happiest day of your life:

Practice hard with your shoes

You definitely don’t want to wobble down the aisle or go ‘ouch’ for those debilitating blisters in your feet on your best and most special day. Once you have your final wedding shoes by your side, try and practice walking with that pair and make yourself comfortable with it. Smoothen up all the coarse edges of your shoes before your D-day.

Do not invest too much on your shoes

Wedding has other vital expenses, like make up, dress and ornaments. All these products are on full display and are the center of attraction on your D-day pictures, so you can’t compromise on them. If your wedding gown or attire is floor reaching to such an extent that your shoe is not on the prime display then do not spend too much on shoes as someone will hardly notice it. Wedding shoes purchased using coupons can help you in this regard as though being expensive and elegant you can get them in good discount.


Play different with colorful shoes

Golden, silver and white wedding shoes though extremely popular, are not mandatory to put on with the bridal attire. As there are no hard and fast rules that you need to wear only these colors, you can definitely try in some bright pop colors. The bright colored shoes are reusable, as you can team that shoe effectively with any of your dresses post wedding.

Heels are not at all mandatory

If you have a tall stature or are not that much comfortable with heels, you can certainly skip them. Those extra inches of height on your D-day may not suit your personality if you are a pump and flat shoe loving person. Stay true to yourself and pick up the best flat shoe as per your choice and requirement as pointed heels are not mandatory and will not engraved on the rolling stone of wedding.

Have a nice substitute pair

Massacre happens, and when it is on your wedding, the intensity increases by manifolds. Heels may break, sole may get loosen or suddenly you don’t feel like wearing that shoe on your wedding day, so always have a substitute pair of shoe handy to avoid final moment rush.

Never ever skip a pedicure

Yes, your shoe is picture perfect will all branded essentials, but your foot may ruin the overall appeal if not presented in the right way. So, go for a pedicure and complete    the foot care therapy before your marriage day.

So, dance at your heart’s content with a special Cinderella pair availed using Voucher and let your prince charming go gaga at your wedding ceremony.