Five shoes every man must own

Who said only women can have a fetish for shoes? Over the years, men have also understood the importance of owning a collection of stylish shoes. It’s all about taste. There was a time when people wore the same pair of shoes irrespective of the occasion. People wore sports shoes for morning walk, at work, on weekends etc. It’s with time that people have defined their footwear for the appropriate occasion. Men perceived shoes to be the least important part of their look. Even the best of your outfit will fail to do the trick if you are not wearing the right pair of shoes. They say it’s the shoes that make the man.


By fetish, I don’t mean owning a bunch of worthless pairs but an assorted collection of stylish shoes is all you need to invest in. A pair of smart brogue shoes looks best when worn with denims or even suits but not on formal occasions whereas a pair of classy black dress shoes will look perfect on those formal moments. The best part about owning a pair of dress shoes is that they will be suitable for all the occasions; in the boardrooms and even at parties. It also depends on how you pull off a particular pair of shoes. Never settle for a cheap pair of shoes which is stylish just for a specific season, instead pay a bit more and stick to the classics.

Today, you get to see a wide variety of men’s & Women’s shoes online. These are a few types of shoes you must own:

Sports Shoes:

Start your day with a morning walk or a run with this stylish pair of shoes from Puma. With a comfortable sole and stylish design, this is a great pair to invest in. This pair of sports shoes has a comfortable sole. The mesh fabric with fine detailing makes this pair very stylish. These shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight. This is one smart pair which can be worn with denims and tee on casual outings as well.

Brogue Shoes

A stylish pair of casual shoes is what changes your entire look. This is a pair of leather shoes from Clarks for your casual occasions. It has a round toe design with stylish brogue detail that makes this a stylish pair. With a fantastic blend of leather and stitching detail, this pair of shoes is worth every penny. Team this with a pair of beige chinos and a blue or black shirt for the perfect look.


Sneakers’ is a term widely used in place of casual shoes. A pair of sneakers is available in various colours. You can wear black sneakers or dark coloured sneakers with beige or khaki trousers. You can wear white sneakers or a brighter shade of sneakers with a pair of navy blue or black denims. You can find a huge of variety of sneaker shoes online but a pair of classic sneakers would go with anything. You could wear it with your trousers or a pair of jeans during the weekend. No styling, no detailing, a pair of plain coloured sneaker shoes preferably black, white or steel grey is what you need. Team your stylish sneakers with a pair of denims and a casual shirt.


Loafers can be worn on both casual and a little less formal occasions. These loafer shoes look best in plain colours without much design. These loafers can be worn with denims, trousers and a suit as well. If you are visiting a beach wedding, you can wear these shoes with a suit.

Formal dress shoes

A pair of classic black dress shoes is what every man must own. These shoes can be worn beneath a pair of trousers to work. These shoes can be also worn to formal occasions such as weddings and cocktail parties. These shoes make you look extremely stylish and classy.