Look Great in Sherwani

It is aid that the bride is the center of attraction in Indian weddings. But in actuality the same mount of importance is bestowed on the grooms as well as the wedding revolves around both of them. The groom needs to look his best as well. The go to attire for most grooms is a sherwani. Apart from the groom the males of attending the wedding should also be dressed traditionally. Hence sherwanis are the most popular attire during the wedding season. Studio de royale punjabi bagh is sure to meet all your sherwani requirements this wedding season. They have a vast collection of beautiful and reasonably priced sherwanis that suit everyone’s taste.


Wedding Sherwani for the groom:

Sherwanis are very popular among grooms for both the day of the wedding as well as the reception day. The wedding sherwanis are generally intricately designed. Some are set with pearls and semi precious stones as well. Most of the sherwanis have some metallic hues in gold or copper in the form of threading. They are quite heavy as the material used is generally layered up. These sherwanis come in a number of colours ranging from light hues like cream to darker shades like maroon and green.

Sherwanis for the groomsmen and other men at the wedding:

If you are looking to purchase a sherwani to wear at a wedding studio de royale punjabi bagh is one of the best place to visit. They have a wide collection of simple yet elegant sherwanis. For the wedding season it is always recommended to go all traditional with a formal sherwani. These sherwanis come in different styles. You can choose the length according to your liking. The designs are generally simpler than the wedding sherwanis. These do not have too much heavy work, making them more comfortable.

Choosing Sherwanis:

There are many types of styles when it comes to sherwanis.

  • The cut of the sherwani is important as it needs to suit the body shape of the wearer.
  • Choosing the right color is of optimum importance as well.
  • Material plays an important role too.The material should be chosen based on the climate when it is worn. The colour of the sherwani should compliment the skin tone of the wearer.
  • Also while trying on a sherwani the comfort factor needs to be kept in mind. The sherwani should be comfortable or else it is very difficult to carry it off. Most sherwanis have a cotton lining which is makes them comfortable since this lining is near the skin.

Sherwanis are the best option when you want to dress in a traditional wear. Of late a lot of fusion clothes are becoming popular as well. Merging of western designs with sherwanis is gaining popularity. High collared denim sherwanis are an example of such pieces. They are all available in this store. You can comfortably try on these attires to understand what suits you best and then go ahead with the purchase. You are bound to turn heads with these amazing sherwanis this wedding season.