What are the primary benefits of human hair extensions?


Of all the different types of hair extensions that you can get out there human hair extensions are always going to be the best and only viable option in my opinion, with almost any attachment method. Using human hair in extensions may make them a little bit more expensive but the trade-off that you are getting in return for this truly is remarkable. If you have ever sampled human hair extensions you will know how real they feel, how they seamlessly fit into your base hair and look like your own and how there is no better feeling than wearing them for long enough so that you don’t even realise they are there and assume yourself that they are your own base hair. It can be quite easy yet a little daunting to show other people your hair and have them believe that there are no hair extensions, but convincing yourself that there are no extensions there (in look or feel) is just a whole new level of satisfaction. As much as you may believe that this kind of effect can be achieved by any extension, then you are sincerely wrong as there is no hair extension material that even comes close to human hair.

One of the more common hair extension materials that you will see around today would have to be that of the synthetic hair extension. You see these things around all the time now in beauty stores and some smaller salons, and to a certain extent they do serve their purpose of trying to give a cheaper alternative to the masses. However, this service and this product is so sub par that to me it isn’t even close to being worthy of being mentioned or used. There are certain products that are just so far away from the original that they are just never used out of professionalism and common courtesy. For instance, outdated computers from 20 years ago may still work and use some of the programs from today but their speed, functionality and general appearance are nowhere near relevant today and therefore they cannot realistically be used for anything. It is for this reason that synthetic extensions should never be used in my opinion.

The extensions themselves are massively inferior because they do not do what human hair extensions do. Human hair has a primary benefit of acting in the exact same way that your base hair would, and synthetic extensions just simply don’t do this. With synthetic extensions you are going to be looking at a lot of restraining factors more than anything, such as the fact that they can’t be heated or washed, as well as having bad reactions to colouring. Essentially you won’t be able to style these extensions at all, and this definitely does not sit well with me and shouldn’t with most others aswell. Hair extensions are all about expressing yourself and I feel that only being able to do that through an inferior product with a boring and matt look is absolutely criminal. To know more about hair extensions and to get a stylish look visit inanch in London.